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A New Challenge for Axe Throwing

April 30, 2019Axe Throwing challenge
Do you know what kind of experience is doing yoga when playing axe throwing games?

This summer, Inflatable Axe-throwing games are popular all over the world!

We have made a variety of styles of Axe Throwing games!  (If you want to know more, please contact us)  The most popular is our classic style, double ax-throw also have three side Axe throwing connection!  


YL Inflatbles Axe Throwing Games yoga challenge


And our bullseye is still detachable!

If you are still stuck in the ax game is simply throwing the bullseye, maybe you should check out this video--This Woman Has Some Sick Axe Throwing Skills

For new style Axe throwing games, there's more than just hitting the bullseye, she

even mixes in some yoga poses          new style play axe throwing games   

Do you want to play inflatable ax throwing games like her?