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Sponge shoes? Giant Speed shoes?

January 14, 2019shoes
Why called speed shoes? The shoes look clumsy!


 I know there are some people still didn't know our giant speed shoes, Why called

speed shoes? The shoes look clumsy!

The Answer is the addictive soccer game in giant shoes takes a comic accent as players

become clumsy and funny and wear it and do your best to run.


team build sports shoes

We always use the giant boots play sumo gameobstacle runGiant soccer game

There is perfect team building sports for kids&adults! Recently we are considering

whether giant speed sponge shoes can be paired with inflatable bumper bubble balls!

Add more fun and challenge! 


ylinflatables giant sponge boots


Great Idea, Right?

By the way, the speed shoes actually made by sponge, so is more safety!

Last, Our giant speed shoes are very popular, there are currently over 400 pairs of

shoes(kids&adults size)in production, and the number of orders is increasing!


Funny giant boots feedback

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