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Speed Shoes? Giant Soccer Shoes?

June 20, 2018YL
Do you know what a huge soccer shoe is like? Do you know that playing sumo games will wear sponge shoes? or Special giant sponge shoes marathon?

This is a fantastic shoe that can be used with Sumo suits. You will feel very heavy and walk with huge sponge sports shoes. This is the core of speed shoes, put on shoes to play giant football(soccer)or play inflatable sumo games. Very interesting. Try the fastest speed you can run.

Match 1: Speed Shoes for Inflatable Sumo Games 

Giant Sumo shoes for Sumo Games
Match2:Giant Soccer games with Speed Soccer Shoes 

Giant Soccer Speed Shoes Games

This attraction was called "Football Botol". Now it does not matter how much the opponent knew how to drive the ball before, physical endurance and the desire to win come first.
 The only thing that we would strongly recommend is playing in "Football Botol", still slightly reduce the duration of the match, so that players do not run out of steam.

Team Building Games soccer shoes

Match 3: Obstacle Running Games

Obstacle Speed Running Games  ботинки в аренду

Put on cumbersome sponge shoes and let's have a Special marathon! At this time, shoes become a hindrance to the marathon. The players must control their own body well to run quickly. Come on!

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